Hegel Viking Reference CD Player

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1 Year Local Warranty.

Reference bit-perfect CD player

Top-of-the-line CD drive and laser

Slot-in loading

Auto standby (configurable)

XLR, RCA, and BNC output


In a world full of options for downloading music, sound formats, compression methods, and streaming services, putting on some music can feel overwhelming. What should be easy and enjoyable, suddenly becomes complex and stressful. Playing a CD on the Viking is not. It is only joy. Viking is a true native 16/44.1 CD player developed from the ground up for optimal performance on standard (Redbook) CDs. It is designed to deliver the most faithful sound reproduction possible by optimising its components to deliver a high-quality output that is true to the original recording.



We have called our CD player Viking because, much like our ancient Norse forefathers, we are improving on existing technology. When the Viking era began, boats had been around for thousands of years. What the Vikings did was perfect the design. Their longboats could not only sail near the coasts but also traverse the open oceans. The improvements they made took the Vikings to new shores and even new continents. The CD technology might be old, but we believe that when perfected, it is still the best digital medium available.



At first glance Viking might seem simple, but with simplicity comes excellence. Because Viking is focused solely on playing Redbook CDs it can reach unprecedented levels of fidelity. By doing only one thing there are no trade-offs. Viking consists only of high-quality components designed specifically for the task, and that makes this CD player sound truly astounding.

Viking uses a dedicated laser and CD drive to ensure optimal reading of the data. It is also equipped with a state-of-the-art DAC that delivers high-quality digital-to-analogue conversion with minimal distortion, making it possible to hear all the nuances and subtleties in the music. The Viking does not upsample or tamper with the signal in any way. Because by leaving the signal as it is on the disc, the already excellent DAC is optimised to perform at its absolute best.



The drive and the DAC are directly controlled by our unique Master clock system, ensuring perfect timing between the two. Using a quartz crystal with very low phase noise and our patented SoundEngine technology, the Hegel-designed discrete clock in the Viking reduces jitter to an absolute minimum. The Viking CD player also features an OLED display that is specifically selected for its low noise, resulting in a clearer and more detailed sound. The analogue stage in Viking is developed specifically for this model. It incorporates both our analogue low pass filter and Line Driver technology, ensuring fully balanced and noise-free handling of the signal all the way to your amplifier.

One of the most notable features of the Viking CD player is its cabinet design. The sleek design of Viking matches the P30A and H30A for a modern and cohesive look. But the design choices are not only aesthetical. A very reliable slot in drive and a well-engineered and solid build means this player will last for years and years. The Viking CD player has one pair of balanced XLR outputs, one pair of unbalanced RCA outputs, and one BNC digital true 75 Ohm output, making it easy to operate and integrate into any audio system. The player also has an auto-standby feature for greater convenience, and it comes with Hegel’s solid aluminium RC8 remote that can also control all other Hegel products.



The Hegel Viking is a top-of-the-line CD player designed to deliver the most faithful sound reproduction possible. With its mechanical design, advanced digital technology, our unique Master clock system, and superb analogue stage, Viking is a must-have for any audiophile who wants to experience music in its purest form. Viking is a peak-performance machine. It is designed to do one thing and one thing only: To capture every single aspect of the music you are listening to. Hegel Viking is the best CD player we have ever made.


Technical Specifications

Supported Discs: 12 cm Redbook CDs

Line Level Output: 1 unbalanced fixed (RCA) 1 balanced fixed (XLR)

Output Voltage Analogue: 2,5V RMS

Digital Output: 1 BNC true 75 Ohm

Frequency Response: 0Hz-22 kHz

Distortion: Less than 0.0015%

Finish: Black

Dimensions/weight: 9,9 cm x 43 cm x 30,5 cm (HxWxD), 7,3 kg


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