Vision Ears VE10 Universal IEMs

 1 Year Local Warranty.


Any mention of "us," "we," "our," etc is by Vision Ears, not AV One.




As our anniversary model, the VE10 combines our passion and ambition of the last 10 years to explore the limits of the audio universe and to create a perfect sound.

With the VE10, we have created a true marvel of audio engineering that uniquely combines technology, precision and art. The VE10 combines the power of nine balanced-armature drivers with an 8mm dynamic driver specifically designed for powerful, low bass. Added to this is a specially designed horn to extend the high frequency range and minimise THD ("distortion factor") in the horn. All sound tubes also have a special geometric shape to minimise turbulence and reduce the "distortion factor“. This combination fuses into a sound experience that not only invites you to listen, but also transports you into a world of pure sound ecstasy.


Technical configuration:

5-way system with 10 drivers (hybrid BA + DD)


1 x 8 mm DD with acoustic low pass

2 x dual mid/low

1 x dual mid

1 x dual mid/high

1 x super tweeter


Recommendation for musicians:

Mix - drums - bass - guitar



Wide and open stereo image, high resolution, powerful vivid sound image


(Our recommendation is just for rough orientation. Good sound is always a matter of taste. If you need a professional consultation, please contact Vision Ears or your next local Dealer for an audition.)


VE10 Custom In-Ears

The VE10 is initially only available as a Universal In-Ear. The custom version is expected to be available in Q1 2024.


VE10 Universal - Signature Design

For the VE10 Signature Design, we challenged ourselves to break out of our comfort zone and create something that was fresher, more modern, and more futuristic – as normally VE line universals are built in an acrylic shell. With the VE10, we decided to develop a special and completely new anodised aluminium shell. The VE10 thus impresses not only acoustically, but also visually! The design reflects our passion for products that look as good as they sound. With our unique fitting technology, you'll experience the ultimate in sound experience without any sacrifice in comfort and fit. The in ear seamlessly merges with your ear for the best sound and comfortable fit.




The VE10 comes with a uniquely created balanced (4.4mm) upgrade cable – specifically matched to the sound design of the VE10: powerful, dynamic and detailed.

  • 6NOCC copper plus Silver Plated over 6NOCC copper (made in Taiwan)
  • Golden ratio geometry + custom litz structure
  • 21 AWG
  • silver colour
  • 4 mm plug
  • 78 mm 2 Pins
  • 20 m length



Leather case:

The new leather case incl. soft pouch is the perfect storage for the VE10 – elegant, safe and easy to open/close thanks to the magnetic closure.


Silicone tips:

A perfect fit and sound reproduction is very important to us. Therefore, we have found a new model for our VE10 with AZLA, the renowned silicone tip manufacturer from South Korea: ORGIN made of KCC (medical material made by the company Kraiburg from Germany). The new AZLA ORGIN will soon be available for purchase worldwide, while our VE10 already comes with three pairs included. Additionally, as usual, the SpinFit CP145 will be included in four different sizes.


AZLA ORGIN = full sound image thanks to the large diameter at the sound exit

SpinFit = comfortable feel due to ergonomic feature of the tips


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